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Muschietti Is now attached to do Attack on Titan.  Now what?
Posted: 29 October 2018 06:16 PM  
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Variety is reporting that Andy Muschietti is now attached to an Attack on Titan film at WB.  No mention of Robotech.

Posted: 30 October 2018 06:34 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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Per RobotechX Fandom via Facebook, “Andy Muscheitti is undecided what he will do first”.  It appears that was a response/post Andy Muscheitti had given on the subject.  I’ll repost what was given, please forgive any grammatical errors, as I don’t know spanish, and had to use google translate.  Andy Muscheitti - “Los dos proyectos vienen con fuerza.  Todavia no hay decision de cual sale primero. Hay que tener paciencia.  paciencia nos sobra a los fans de robotech”


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Posted: 30 October 2018 06:26 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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Back to square one.


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