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Plausibility of the SDF-1’s Transformation in Space
Posted: 30 September 2018 09:48 PM  
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This was originally posted in the old forums long ago.  I am glad to see this place back up and running ( I have been trying to check it every couple of years, imagine my surprise!)

I recall the question essentially being if the transformation mode of a ship of the mass of the SDF-1 being possible, even in the depths of space.  From what folks said, I remember that the amount of energy required to move the mass of every object in addition to being able to stop it (regardless of the amount of time needed), it would require a material of such strength that it would likely not be feasible.

That being said, I would imagine that it would cause the whole craft to quake in a way I definitely would probably lose my lunch.  Not to mention the additions of the aircraft carriers as parts of the ship being an odd sight, as it was an unknown function of the ship beforehand.


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Posted: 01 October 2018 08:34 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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My thinking on most of the plausibility question on sci-fi shows is this:  I assume the technology is of a sort we don’t have here and now.  Like when the fold picks up Macross Island…  there are so many bits and pieces that we could pick apart.  I just roll with it and assume something in how the fold system works allowed the “impossible” to happen.  A non-Robotech example:  On The Walking Dead, a baseball bat stopped a bullet at point blank range and a car kept going after the radiator was hit by a 50 caliber gun.  Lots of people raving about how improbable/impossible both incidents are.  I’m over here saying “They live in a universe without zombie folklore - very like ours, but not ours.  In the no zombie universe, the technology is slightly different.”


If it ain’t in the Robotech show itself… It didn’t neccessarily happen.

Thanks, Carl Macek, for introducing me to all these folks.  Even the ones who bug me.

Posted: 02 October 2018 03:01 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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It’s the Shapings of the Protoculture at work.