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The SDF-03 Pioneer, the Home Fleet, Space Station Equality and The Sentinels Infopedia entries
Posted: 28 September 2018 02:36 PM  
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just wondering if there will be expanded information posted in The Sentinels section of the Infopedia. I mean, we know the “Home Fleet” includes the Tokugawa-class Medium Battleship, Tristar-class Large Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Light Cruisers (aka Banshee-class “Destroyers”) and Multipurpose Transports (Transport Squadron 85). So, where are the rest of the entries? There was also the “IZUM”-type Cruiser that was shown in The Invid Invasion, that (along with the Garfish-class Light Cruiser) should be there as well. Heck, just going by The Sentinels scriptbooks, the Ikazuchi (called the SDF-5 class) and Horizon-class should be included as well as the “SDF-8” class (Battleship?).

What about Space Station Equality? We know, now, that is the Robotech Repair Factory from The Sentinels video. Shouldn’t there be official stats published for this vehicle? I mean, Steve Yune, if you need good, clean screen caps I have plenty. I even cleaned up some of the lineart published years ago (and even some pieces that have fallen through the cracks).

Where are the Modified Zentraedi Battlepods from The Sentinels video and scripts? We have lineart for them, why not stats. The REF early-type Battloids (nee Destroids) like the MAC II (as seen briefly in Robotech: Love, Live, Alive)? What about the “Prototype Cyclone” and “VTOL”? There is lineart for all these items. Where are the Conventional Vehicles (for that matter, where are the Conventional Vehicles for the other Infopedia entries)? What about the GMU finalized version (which is a lot smaller than any other version)?


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Posted: 28 September 2018 05:41 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Is the infopedia even back up yet?

Yeah it is

So we will just have to see.


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