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Thoughts on 30 Years of TMNT
Posted: 26 June 2014 07:38 PM  
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Okay…yes, my mimicking The Transformer thread was intentional.

I found out about the Turtles when I saw kids at school practice drawing the teeth-gritting faces of the Ninja Turtles..and saw that they seemed to be popular at my favorite comic shop, but around that time, all my $$ was devoted to Robotech and Spider-Man, so I couldn’t care less about some B & W independent comic. Then the 4 episode miniseries aired on tv…and I thought it was the coolest thing.
Now I while I did realize that the Turtles was very unusual animal-title (one only has to consider the gimmicky name), I didn’t realize that they were parodying everything popular in comics at the time…namely X-Men and ninjas (where in Daredevil, he squared of with The Hand (The Foot)...and was taught under a ninja master named Stick (Splinter). The first issue even features the radioactive goo, that transformed the turtles, first strike the face of an unnamed lad, who we assume was meant to be Matt Murdock.
I’m saving up my pennies for TMNT: The Ultimate Visual History…as well as the volumes of collected issues.
The movie…I have my concerns…but I won’t flip out over any different story changes as it seems like TMNT has a busy history of changing things up. I am, however, happy that they chose an adult, tv reporter version of April in Megan Fox, because 1987 April O’ Neil is my second cartoon crush behind Lisa Hayes…and I dislike that April on present Turtles shows is a teenager. And I don’t care…I know Megan Fox is slammed a lot from her overexposure and critiques of substandard acting…but I still think she’s pretty hot and I bet people will love her in this film.

Posted: 29 June 2014 08:26 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Well, I do have a preference for the original cartoon version of TMNT. I liked it over the 2002 revival and the current CGI series airing on Nickelodeon.
I liked the original version because its what I first saw as a kid. I loved the way Bebop and Rocksteady were portrayed as Shredder’s henchmen. Krang was funny. And Splinter and Leonardo were my fave good guys.
I rather liked April O’Neil, too. She was one of the best looking cartoon heroines of the 1980s, after Scarlett in GI Joe and Gloria Baker in MASK, and Vanessa in Robotech. I think Paige Turco nailed April’s looks in the 90s film version, though.
If they’re gonna do the TMNT as a live action film, I hope they get it right this time after that CGI flick.


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Posted: 30 June 2014 03:47 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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Was never really a fan of the comic or cartoon, but I did own many of the toys growing up. I enjoy the four movies to a point. I do own the original cartoon’s Season 5 on DVD, which I have yet to watch. Really cool pizza box case. And some of the 2002 show. They were all pretty cheap.


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Posted: 27 August 2021 05:16 AM   [ # 3 ]  
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Well, I do have a preference for the original cartoon version of TMNT. I liked it over the 2002 revival and the current CGI series airing on Nickelodeon. Too