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Posted: 29 July 2009 08:50 PM  
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Which team in your opinion in rank of order is the best?
my list is:

1)NCIS (OHH, flashy in your face super team, basically each team member complents the other covering each others weaknesses.)
2)CSI:MIAMI (good teamwork, think it’s funny when Horatio makes a comment the either puts on his shades or takes them off.)
3)CSI:ORIG (this team has been through some pretty heavy flack doing their job ei: Nick gets burried alive, but since the lose of original characters it drops down to number 3)
4)CSI:NEW YORK (newest team and because of that i’m a little biased, some of the team members are border-lined “noble” currupt, wanting to tamper with evidence to help someone. that and a seemingly paranormal thing where the boss gets weird phone calls.

so, what’s your ranking for these teams?


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Posted: 29 July 2009 08:57 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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...vs Star Trek vs Next Generation vs DS9 vs Voyager vs Enterprise etc etc etc….

Anyone else notice how similar CSI is to Star Trek?


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Posted: 29 July 2009 09:50 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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Horatio Rules…..

...only until Fishborne came to Nevada!!!!


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Posted: 29 July 2009 11:47 PM   [ # 3 ]  
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NCIS is on top because my dad loves it!


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Posted: 30 July 2009 04:01 AM   [ # 4 ]  
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Hands down.

Gibbs= Marine Scout Sniper, Silver Star, Purple Heart, 7x Defense Meritorious Civilian Service Medal
Ziva= Mossad
Tony= streetwise cop
McGee= computer/technology guru and “Elflord”
Abby= exceeds any other CSI team, by herself!
Ducky and Palmer… Ducky catches ninjas for goodness sakes…

And when you gotta operate above and outside the rules, there’s always Mike Franks.  No paperwork.  Plus, I gotta respect a guy who still carries a .45.

Oh, and did I mention, sometimes they solve cases that don’t involve a murder?


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Posted: 30 July 2009 09:20 AM   [ # 5 ]  
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NCIS - just because of Abby.  Girl can school most CSIs by herself!  Not to mention those outfits! ^_^

Also gotta give mention to Ducky… next to CSI Las Vegas’ Dr. Robbins, he’s my favorite coroner.

In descending order:

CSI: Miami (this show’s grown on me)
CSI: New York (for some reason, just couldn’t get into it)


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