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ubuntu vs windows 7
Posted: 18 May 2009 11:53 PM  
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im just curious. free but more than effective with free applications. or Windows vistas expect faster and with all the B.S. and a unmatched 3rd party support

Posted: 19 May 2009 01:15 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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7, because you get what you pay for and I live in the real world.


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Posted: 19 May 2009 01:32 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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Why Ubuntu? There are so many better Linux-based setups out there… like Fedora.

If I had to choose between the two, I’d stick with Microsoft Windows 7. The working world uses Windows, and let’s face it, you get what you pay for. With Ubuntu you get a very limited third party software selection, and despite their faults, Microsoft is pretty good at updating Windows promptly whenever new vulnerabilities are detected.


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Posted: 22 May 2009 09:33 AM   [ # 3 ]  
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the auto updates are about all their good for Id really wouldent use windows in any form if it could be helped but ppl dont write programs in unix and ect some you have little choice in the end


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Posted: 22 May 2009 10:53 PM   [ # 4 ]  
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Microsoft is pretty good at updating Windows promptly whenever new vulnerabilities are detected.

The vulnerability that the conficker worm exploits were known about for months before Microsoft did anything about it. In fact Microsoft tends to always do a cost analysis before closing security risks. Also Microsoft releases their security updates on Tuesdays and people who make viruses plan to release their viruses on Wednesdays.


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Posted: 29 December 2022 10:38 PM   [ # 5 ]  
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Hi! Does anyone know how to install java on ubuntu? I’d be grateful for your answers. Thanks in advance.