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The Anime Laws of Physics
Posted: 05 June 2008 11:04 PM   [ # 16 ]  
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I invoke the ancient rite of humorous nitpickary into this matter!  SCIENCE!!

{2} This law does not take into account shows like DBZ, where everyone has had over 9000 Mexican jumping beans for breakfast.

{11} The first and second corollary contradict each other.  Cities do not bulge when exploding.  They tend to vaporize.

{14} This is not a universal standard.  I can easily find proof of otherwise.

{19} This law obviously does not take into account shows like Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, and the like.  There is no pattern.  None at all.  Demons can even look near-totally human.

{24} Does not apply to MD Geist and the like.  (Anti-heroes.)

{27} Does not apply to total badasses, who like their big guns.

{29} Does not apply to Fist of the North Star.

{30} Complete misconception and stereotype.  I have proof.

{43} Too easy.  :p

{45} Not true.  The villains in Voltron attempted on several occasions to halt the Voltron transformation sequence, which included just blatantly firing at it.  Results were usually negative because of an energy shield, not from being stunned.

And yes, that was kind of fun.


Every night, I wake up from these horrible nightmares.  I find myself in a world filled with giant mechanical animals and stuff.  Then this huge dinosaur-mech fires a CP cannon at me and the last thing I say before dying is “What Zi hell?!”

Posted: 20 July 2020 03:46 AM   [ # 17 ]  
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