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Is there one thing you would like to be cleared up Shadow Chronicles other then the obvious question
Posted: 21 February 2006 03:42 PM   [ # 16 ]  
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one just for me would you? :D


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Posted: 21 February 2006 10:11 PM   [ # 17 ]  
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what kinds of bases/outpost were their in and around Sol system?

I know Prelude TTSC showed us Spacestation Liberty and the Karbarrans constructing the REF fleet, but i want an explanation on were did they find the personel to crew this vast fleet?

Were they Southern Cross forces retreating to Mars or Jupiter?

Or were they Pioneer mission crew members that were stationed along the way from Earth to Tirol (Fantoma System)

For example, Mars Base
        Europa Base
        Callisto Base
        Ganamyde Base
        Io Base
        Titan Base
        Robotech Factory
        other SS Libertys

I know this seems trivial to an RPG but, hey, what can i say. i’m a RoboGeek at heart wink

Oh, and another thing, i want to know what happens to Lancer, Sera, Lunk and Rook


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Posted: 21 February 2006 11:05 PM   [ # 18 ]  
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Mysteries that it’d be nice to see expanded upon in The Shadow Chronicles:
1) Why did Zor do what he did? (I want a canon explantion)
2) Who were the Disciples of Zor?
3) What was the relationship between the Robotech Masters and the Zents like?

I would also really like to see a character that is Zent getting some love.  Make the main character (or his best friend) be of Zent descent.  He could be the strong silent type that keeps the undisciplined human out of trouble.  Obviously I would like to see some new characters for us to all rally behind as well as lots of cameos but now I’m being tangental.

Oh, and a point of clarification:

No one makes snide comments about your stance for the sake of doing so.

That is absolutely untrue.  I razz Hermann almost every chance I get!


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Posted: 22 February 2006 01:17 AM   [ # 19 ]  
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I’d like to see a flash back to the destruction of the SDF2. To clear up that little arguement once and for all.


25 Year’s wow thats gone quick!

Posted: 22 February 2006 07:37 AM   [ # 20 ]  
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I’d like to see a flash back to the destruction of the SDF2. To clear up that little arguement once and for all.

Probably not a “snowball’s chance in a blast furnace” of it happening, but amen, brother!


“And you don’t perceive a provocation in the enemy’s obliteration of our first assault wave?”

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