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Watching Southern Cross
Posted: 23 February 2006 07:20 PM   [ # 46 ]  
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They try to make war seem glorious and honorable, or even fun—as if there was no better way to prove yourself a man than to march in uniform on foreign soil and stain it with blood, yours and theirs

I agree. War is not glorious. It is the most terrifying form of mass violence known to mankind. Take it from me I never want anyone to have to experience the things I have.  Anyone who says war is fun or wonderful is full of something I can not mention here without violating the TOU. I wish there was peace on Earth. I have lost too many friends and comrades to the madness of war. Unfortunately until the human race grows up some and stops trying to trample on each other and kill each other defense is necessary. I wish that there was no need for a military and hopefully some day world peace will be a reality but until then a military is necessary.

My freedom in this country isn’t bought or earned by you or anyone else. It’s a RIGHT, I have it, you have, it the whole damn world has it, we just haven’t all realized it yet.

In this case I think you are wrong but you are entitled to your opinion. When the words “All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights” were written the world would not acknowledge anyone rights to be free. Judicious applications of military force, with the unfortunate price paid in blood, over time have ensured these rights continue today for Americans. As you pointed out above we do not all realize that we all have the Rights. So until the human race realizes this Right we must be able to defend ourselves. Note though that what you and I consider a right and in the case of Americans a right confered merely by where they were born or a citizenship is not a “Right” in many places in the world which makes that a very ethnocentric view. The rights and freedom I think should apply to all humans but in the reality of our world sometimes we have to defend that right. Please note that defending ourselves when attacked is much different than playing spin the bottle and invading whichever country the bottle points at.

So, if you think to make me feel guilty, don’t bother. Already there. I’m sorry people are dying to keep me free,

I did not attempt to make you feel guilty. I am also sorry people die, I am sorry my friends were killed, I am sorry I had to risk being killed myself but that is the price I willingly paid to ensure freedom.

For now, we need people like you, much as I regret to admit it. And whether you realize it or not, you need people like me, too. Because soldiers aren’t the only ones who defend freedom.

I agree. We need both kinds of people. I think that people who speak out and voice their opinions are as important to freedom as anyone. We need anti war people too. War is an abomination and should only be used as a last resort when ALL other reasonable methods have failed sometimes the government needs to hear that from the anti war people.


Sometimes it’s the people who speak out against violence and brutality, standing up for equal rights and peaceful solutions, that manage to stop tyranny and oppression. While you’re out fighting, freedom might start to erode from within. And if it does, it’s people like me who will hold it together.

Very true. Peaceful protest and legal recourses are always preferable to war. War is a last resort. The military defends us from foreign enemies who would take away what we have. The people who work within the system and protest for change at home help to defend the freedoms we have from dangers within. We need both kinds of people to be safe.

if I have to pick up a gun and defend my own home, that’s what will happen.

If we do our job you will never have to. Then you can be free to concentrate on ensuring societal change occurs and we have peace.

winkWe’ve done our job now do yours and get us world peace wink

General Reminder not directed at ZA….....Please remember though that when expressing anti war opinions it is much more useful to direct them at the civilian government who sets policy, than the troops who have to carry it out.


“People sleep peacably in their beds at night, only because rough men stand ready to do great violence on their behalf”  Wells

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