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your favorite anime music….....
Posted: 13 July 2007 03:50 PM   [ # 31 ]  
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  I believe Jay911 mentioned Love Hina.  Techically, I haven’t watched the series yet.  I’ve been jumping around in anime that I want to watch any series I start on without being away from it too much (stays fresh in my mind on what’s going on & who’s who, ^_^).  There are a quite a few animes mentioned that I’m curious to see & hear the soundtracks to.
  I notice that I myself forgot to mention Macross Zero.  It was somewhat spiritual (I guess that’s what the theme was on the scores & movie…, but I enjoyed ARKAN part 1 & 2 by Holy Raz score).
  :101: Simply put, I always play Macross/Robotech music because of the “battles” I go through at my job, B-).
  Anime soundtracks are somewhat hidden gems that no one has & feels kinda unique than the everyday radio playing music on each station (tend to play the flavor of the month stuff.  Ever tired of hearing one song on one station & flipping to another station to hear the exact same thing?...).

Posted: 14 July 2007 03:17 AM   [ # 32 ]  
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Joined  2005-10-26

1- Ghost in the shell (1st season)
2-Robotech (b/english and japanese version)
3- Elfen Lied
4- Gigantor
5- Speed Racer
6- Planetes


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Posted: 14 July 2007 07:47 AM   [ # 33 ]  
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And some Lupin the 3rd themes. ^_^

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Posted: 14 July 2007 07:42 PM   [ # 34 ]  
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Anything by Yoko Kanno is great, I have the soundtrack to GITS SAC 2nd GIG, and the whole cd is just awesome. I also like her music on Wolf’s Rain and Cowboy Bebop. But I’d like to add also the music from composer Yuki Kajiura, the NOIR soundtrack is also another one of my favorites, and also her work for the .HACK series and Aquarian Age are excellent choices. So there you have it my favorite composers Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura.


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Posted: 14 July 2007 10:59 PM   [ # 35 ]  
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I love the music in Gundam Wing, though not the stuff in Japanese, just the orchestral and the interesting pop-synth mixes.  Interestingly, TwoMix (the band featured in Gundam Wing) recently released many of their Gundam Wing tracks in new remixes translated into English!  Cost me a pretty penny at a con but it was worth it.

Other then that, I like Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, and Jin Roh OSTs as well!!!


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Posted: 15 July 2007 03:01 AM   [ # 36 ]  
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Bleach - Rolling Star
Claymore - Op and End song
Gigantic Formula - United Force
Ranma 1/2 - Wild Like You
Rurouni Kenshin - Freckles, and several others
GitS - Inner Universe, Living in the Shell
Robotech - All of it rocks
A few others are pretty good too, but I am too lazy to check my collection.


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Posted: 15 July 2007 07:46 AM   [ # 37 ]  
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the opening of 08 MS team-shine in the storm a.k.a arashi no naka de kagayaite.
all of gundam wing opening.
big O!,samuray X, outlaw star, and robotech theme. :D

Posted: 20 July 2007 08:45 AM   [ # 38 ]  
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Joined  2007-06-29

ROBOTECH:all of it was & is a blast!!
Macross:music a bit of everything.
BGC orig. series had some cool stuff

some will consider the next one as anime ,while of course some dont,butr it’s the orig. soundtrack to the 86’ release of Transformers the movie.

vandread has some very cool music too

the music from VHD orig 85’ release was excellent to.

shoot my list could go on all day,better cut it short.Have a great day everybody,


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Posted: 20 July 2007 06:57 PM   [ # 39 ]  
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Cowboy Bebop


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Posted: 21 July 2007 12:32 PM   [ # 40 ]  
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I really enjoyed the soundtracks for:
Gundam Seed
Rurouni Kenshin
Love Hina opening theme


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Posted: 26 July 2007 10:46 AM   [ # 41 ]  
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I have heard nothing but pure smoothness from Yoko Kanno.  I also like the Trigun and Samurai Champloo sountracks because they rock!!!


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Posted: 29 July 2007 10:30 PM   [ # 42 ]  
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bubblegum crisis: 2032 akuma to tenshi no kiss - konya wa hurricane - remember
inu yasha: my will - shinjitsu no uta - grip! - come
noir: salva nos - kirei na kanjou - kanta per me
cowboy bebop: adieu - farewell blues
and so many, many more. the gundam series is loaded with good stuff. just too much stuff to name. ^_^

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Posted: 17 June 2021 04:16 AM   [ # 43 ]  
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