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your favorite anime music….....
Posted: 26 June 2006 10:04 AM   [ # 16 ]  
Master Chief Sergeant
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I am a soundtrack collector, so I have TONS of anime music, I listen to them all. I currently have:

all the macross related soundtracks, including the best collection, macross II, macross7 and macross plus soundtracks, as well as macross zero (Lofe the “for fans only” macross plus, which has the acapella and Cello versions of Voices

all the background musics to Space battleship yamato, Slayers, and record of lodoss war, including cronicles of the heroic knoghts

Street fighter II movie and Street fighter v anime soundtracks

...and many others

however, my favorites has to be anything Yoko Kanno touched (Cowboy bebop, Ghost in the shell, stand alone complex soundtracks 1 & 2, Macross plus, and wolfs rain.)

I also like the .hack//sign soundtracks,especially obsession, and to nowhere.

oh,... and beef,.. I have the kidd video soundtrack well (wasnt easy, but I got it!!!!!)


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Posted: 26 June 2006 05:35 PM   [ # 17 ]  
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That I don’t even know where to start! Therefore, I won’t.  :p


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Posted: 27 June 2006 11:16 AM   [ # 18 ]  
Master Sergeant
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Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden Traumend
Record of Lodoss War
Md Geist
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
Sailor Moon

Many others.


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Posted: 27 June 2006 06:09 PM   [ # 19 ]  
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I own all the Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell CDs.  You can’t go wrong with this stuff.  I have a friend at work that’s not really into anime, but loves jazz and he thought this stuff was great.


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Posted: 27 June 2006 06:20 PM   [ # 20 ]  
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I like the soundtrack to VENUS WARS. 

The Sailor Moon R end song is cool. 

Most of the songs for INUYASHA are a must have (and have I do)


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Posted: 28 June 2006 11:03 PM   [ # 21 ]  
Master Chief Sergeant
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Ok anything from the original Bubblegum Crisis I love Say Yes from Vol 7 Double Vision.

Anything from the Gundam soundtracks.
More to the point Stand up to the Victory from V Gundam. & Zips by T.M. Revolution from the Gundam seed movie.

The opening theme to Gaogaigar which has been licensed in america. Great series check it out.

Any Tank Police music as I have the soundtrack to the first series. Vampire Hunter D’s music. Certain Macross 7 songs and the opening to Macross.
lets see what else ahh Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Fullmetal Alchemist especially Undo the 3rd op.
Full Metal Panic, Detective Conan, Devil Hunter Yohko, Bleach, Naruto, and many more that I can’t think of at this moment.


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Posted: 15 July 2006 11:27 PM   [ # 22 ]  
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I have a 6 CD changer in my new car. No less than 3 full CDs are dedicated to anime music.

Fire Bomber (Macross 7) - Pretty much everything they do, though definitely the ones where Mylene sings are plusses.

Love Hina - A lot of the OP/ED and some of the other stuff - image songs, BGM, etc. “Be For You, Be For Me” ‘by Naru’ too.

Evangelion - A whole ton of the S2 Works stuff. The several different versions of the OP, some of the BGMs, including most favorably the three “Rei” tunes (Rei III mostly). Like the other folks, Komm Süsser Tod is a big deal. (Not many people know that Anno himself wrote the lines for this, though they were changed somewhat before the final cut.)

You’re Under Arrest - the OP/ED are pretty good.

Slayers - I like a couple of the OP/ED like Get Along/Give A Reason/Kujikenaikara.

Last but not least… I *have* to listen to Ultra Relax (from Kodocha) at least once every time I’m out in the car. It is just a hilarious tune.



Posted: 16 July 2006 02:24 AM   [ # 23 ]  
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A lot of the Naruto music is awesome, the same could be said for the 3rd opening theme for Bleach.


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Posted: 16 July 2006 05:15 AM   [ # 24 ]  
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Yokko Kanno and Joe Hisishi


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Posted: 16 July 2006 10:22 AM   [ # 25 ]  
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“Tank” and “Real Folk Blues” are ckanked up in my I-POD.

Other favorites are original Gatchaman, Macross Plus, Macross DYRL, “OUR STAR BLAZERS”.
And please forgive me but I really like the opening song to Super Demensional Fortress Macross.
And OK, I do like the Robotech opening theme.


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Posted: 16 July 2006 10:30 AM   [ # 26 ]  
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i like the music from Hellsing, Street Fighter, and not forgeting Robotech!


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Posted: 16 July 2006 12:19 PM   [ # 27 ]  
Master Sergeant
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off the top of my head:


*Robotech- Ulpio and Michael Bradley’s music
*Outlaw Star
*Bubblegum Crisis
*Elfin Lied (especially the music box)
*Macross Plus
*Macross DYRL and Flashback
*Macross 7 (yes, Basara and Mylene rock!)

Notable scores in movies:

*Voices from a Distant Star
*Howl’s Moving Castle
*Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (samples on Scott Glascow’s Myspace page)




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Posted: 17 July 2006 09:24 PM   [ # 28 ]  
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Gunbuster is my favorite anime music, some escaflowne tracks, gundam chars counterattack, voltron, bubblegum crisis 2032, megazone 23, and more but I can’t remember right now.


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Posted: 13 July 2007 02:08 PM   [ # 29 ]  
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  Wow, there’s so many cool tunes/songs out there to list.  I’ve enjoyed some anime tunes almost on a daily basis.
  Here are my favorite’s (in no particular order):
*Robotech (Robotech Battlecry to Shadow Chronicles…still waiting for my 20th Anniversary I ordered from the Robotech Store -_-)
*Macross The Complete
*Macross Plus (& Sharon Apple tunes! ^_^)
*Fruits Basket
*Spiral TV Animation Soundtrack
*Tenchi Muyo Songs (GXP & such)
*Kiddy Grade
*Lupin The 3rd Movie Tunes
*Galaxy Railways
*Blue Genders Ending song (credits rolling)
*Gunslinger Girls Ending song (credits rolling)

  There’s so many more, but I can’t recall.  The ones I listed are ones I usually listen to daily.  The music really makes the anime so memorable & recalls some fond memories.
  As for the aging question, I believe someone or somewhere asked what the Macross Plus song was on the menu, it’s titled “Pulse” which is my fav (& why I hunted out the soundtrack).  Cool thread & I enjoyed sharing my playlist.  I’m sure more will be added when I see other series I like. :D I haven’t seen Macross 7 yet (I just got the series) but I had “Remember 16” which kinda sounded country like, but I enjoyed the beats.

Posted: 13 July 2007 02:38 PM   [ # 30 ]  
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Wow can’t believe nobody mentioned any of the great stuff from Love Hina.


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