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Still in a post-Robocon daze ... and hey, who got pictures?
Posted: 07 July 2005 12:49 AM  
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On Sunday night, after the Michael Bradley/Yellow Dancer concert, I told a friend that I might as well just walk out into traffic right then and there, because seriously, after all that it would just be downhill.  But hey, the next day was pretty cool, too, and it was very cool of Memo to haul my sorry butt down to the airport on Tuesday afternoon.  (You’re the best, man.  I owe you a beer or two next year for that.)  Seriously, the awesomest time I’ve had in my entire life.  I know, it’s obviously been a pretty sad life.  Weep for me, folks.

So now it’s back to my boring-@$$ life here in The Middle of Nowhere, Kansas, and putting together the next couple issues of Emissaries, which is where you all come in.  My stupid camera came with a mandatory too-small memory card that got filled up too quickly with boring panel pictures and the like, and it was right before the concert when I managed to get it swapped out for a nice hefty one I picked up at Target.  Then I was too short to get a decent photo at the concert.  Crap.  So c’mon here, people, I need pictures.  Any of cool things, any of people in Robotech costumes, definitely any from the panels and the concert, any of me looking like a dork in my SDF-1 cap ... whatever you got, PLEEEEEEASE send them my way so I can have some decent stuff to fill up the Summer ‘05 issue of Emissaries.  You’ll be credited, and if I use your pic, you’ll get a complimentary copy of the issue.  In fact, if you were hanging anywhere around me during the con, give me a buzz—.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or SentinelVeidt on AOLIM/iChat—and I’ll send you the Robocon issue free anyway.  Also, I really want to stay in touch with you guys, but I suck with names soooooooo bad ...

P.S.  Hey, who was responsible for the Memojet pic that got thrust into my hands during the retrospective panel?  Um, why, you ask?  Uh, no reason.  I don’t have any plans to use that in my convention report in Emissaries, of course not ... that CAN’T be why I’m looking to see who’s responsible.  Nothing of the sort ...  ^_^


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Posted: 07 July 2005 08:10 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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there are a few sets of pictures


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Posted: 07 July 2005 03:58 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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That was the work of Vanger, IIRC.

Posted: 07 July 2005 05:38 PM   [ # 3 ]  
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both my & his pix to put up on our site.

JLS, check my profile.  Contact points are there, I’m usually on @work ~1530-2200 Mountain, Mo-Fr.

The MemoJet was a prank that started at AX04, after having a close encounter with a Harmony Airlines (Canuckistani compny, AKA HMY) Boeing 737. 

Co-Conspirators are myself, KS, Memo, Goldfish, & Jadesfire (who did some great Photoshopping in a real hurry).

Course, now we’ve nother idea or two for pranks/parodies.  ^_^


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Posted: 11 July 2005 04:26 PM   [ # 4 ]  
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I got some pictures , check out my post in fandom


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Posted: 11 July 2005 05:08 PM   [ # 5 ]  
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The memo jet pic was quite funny… :D

Posted: 14 July 2005 03:31 PM   [ # 6 ]  
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When I start taking pictures (especially at cons) I really get into it and go crazy.  I do a good job, but tok a break at robocon so I could enjoy everything else.  Gee I’m lazy : )


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Posted: 15 July 2005 02:15 AM   [ # 7 ]  
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Good to hear you’re back from slumberland ...

When you’re gonna update the robotech comics website that you ran ...

Been missing quite a lot of your reviews on Wildstorms RT comic miniseries .....


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Posted: 24 June 2020 03:08 AM   [ # 8 ]  
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