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Robotech Series & Stories
Discuss Robotech storylines. Remember to warn for SPOILERS!
5071 105864
Any news about finishing Shadow Chronicles?
Posted: 03-29-2020 11:09 PM
Author: Megalord1
Robotech Production
Go behind the scenes! Discuss cast and crew, past or present.
1686 32406
Robotech Finds New Home at Funimation
Posted: 03-24-2020 09:13 PM
Author: leo
Robotech Stuff
Discuss Harmony Gold products: DVDs, comics, toys, CDs ...
2886 29560
Masters’ "Giambit" Book
Posted: one hour ago
Author: rupert
Event Calendar
Anime conventions, film festivals and other scifi events
535 7761
Gaming Hall
General game, mod and RPG discussions. No console bashing!
2280 29933
Robotech PbP rpg
Posted: 03-25-2020 04:26 PM
Author: marcuskole1
Robotech Fandom
Robotech fanart, fanfics, fanfilms, clubs, etc.
2290 16059
Robotech Freedom
Posted: 03-20-2020 11:13 PM
Author: disnyyz
Hardcore Robotechnology
Technical discussions about Robotech mecha and continuity.
2447 41184
Essay on the Zentraedi Regult Tactical Battle Pod
Posted: 03-22-2020 11:10 AM
Author: Annow1985
Southern Macrosspeada
Topics on the original Japanese Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada
1555 15440
Uniforms, Insignia, and (Planet)Base designation
Posted: 03-02-2020 07:25 PM
Author: roboemo
Robotech International
Parlez-vous français? Parlate italiano? Sprechen Sie deutsch?
1096 29609
Le bistrot
Posted: 03-22-2020 07:39 AM
Author: Jiohn Guilliann
Robotech Español
Para los asuntos sobre Robotech.
2228 45148
Aniversario de Robotech!!!
Posted: 03-04-2020 05:07 AM
Author: Sempai Fokker
Anime Español
Para los asuntos sobre anime. (Macross y series japonesas)
337 6786
El Salón
Pasar el tiempo y platicar!
1724 115777
un topic sin sentido
Posted: 03-08-2020 08:51 AM
Author: morgan uzu
Complain/debate about anime/scifi (including the industry) here
3306 59488
Come on folks...Max Wasn’t That Great.
Posted: 03-23-2020 08:22 AM
Author: farhkh
Website or store questions. (R.I.P. Lag Monster 2001-2005)
1595 20775
Mecha Database
Posted: 03-28-2020 01:04 AM
Author: Megalord1
Anime, SciFi, Etc.
All other anime, cartoons, comics, sci-fi, fantasy ...
3664 47590
Small Talk
It's like a TV show about nothing at all!
3568 214650
best washing machine
Posted: 03-28-2020 01:03 PM
Author: yanis11
The Lounge
"A place to annoy the mods!"
6002 147278
PAYDAY LOANS - Menace to Society or Necessary Evil?
Posted: 03-29-2020 02:48 PM
Author: Figar
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