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ROBOTECH: Genesis Pits RPG Sourcebook


The Genesis Pits Sourcebook takes a deep look at one of the most awesome and terrifying powers wielded by the Invid: the ability to alter genetic structures and evolve their own species as well as other beings. To that end, the Invid have built massive evolutionary laboratories across the Earth and numerous worlds in an effort to find the perfect form to dominate the universe forever. The sourcebook includes a wide range of mutations, different types of Genesis Pits, new Robotech O.C.C.s and new "Frankenmechs" hybrid mecha made from the leftovers of Earth's fallen defenders.

The Genesis Pits Sourcebook goes beyond the cartoon and deep into the machinations of the Invid and their deadly consequences for all who happen into their path.

New genetic mutations usable by most characters.
Several never-before-seen Genesis Pits, like the Everglades Hell Gardens.
Evolutionary experiments gone wrong, like giant insects and devolved Invid, and extinct creatures from Earth's past.
Genesis Pits on alien worlds filled with strange monsters.
New Frankenmechs, like the Fury (a Valkyrie and Zentraedi power armor hybrid).
The last surviving Robotech Masters and their clones.
The Invid Simulagent R.C.C.
Mutated Zentraedi.
The fate of the Alaska Grand Cannon and more.

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