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ROBOTECH: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles (SIGNED)


The legendary saga continues in this prequel to the award-winning animated film Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles!

The miraculous arrival of Robotechnology brought grave devastation and interplanetary war to Earth. An Expeditionary Force under the command of Admiral Rick Hunter departed to the stars in search of the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. However, its discovery would spark an interstellar conflict that would last decades. Despite an uneasy alliance forged with alien forces, the enigmatic Invid Regent remains an obstacle to peace. However, a secret pact with an enemy within the ranks threatens to start a new war over the mysterious new science of Shadow that could destroy the Expeditionary Force and the human race!

Featuring the triumphant return of longtime Robotech: The Sentinels comic creators Jason and John Waltrip along with beautiful art by Omar Dogan and newly added material, the prelude to "The Shadow Chronicles" has begun!

This full-sized 128-page volume contains:

the complete Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles series #1-5 with previously unpublished new material
illustrated Robotech timeline and planetary guide
data files of mecha and vessels from the comic series
behind the scenes of the making of the animated film and comic book prequel

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Written by Jason & John Waltrip and Tommy Yune; art by Omar Dogan, Miguel Troncoso, Jason & John Waltrip, and Tommy Yune.
Full color, 128 pages.

(ISBN: 978-1-4012-2816-3)

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