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News » News Articles » Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles comes to Cannes!
News ArticlesMay 22, 2006
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles comes to Cannes!
Harmony Gold hosts an exclusive screening at the Cannes Film Market!
Author: Kevin McKeever

Harmony Gold is pleased to announce that the feature-length animated film Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles was screened at the Cannes Film Market.

The film was digitally projected in high-definition at the Grey One Theatre on May 22 to an enthusiastic audience that actually cheered at the end of the screening! This special event at the picturesque Mediterranean city marks the first time the film has been shown in its entirety outside of Harmony Gold.

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Robotech is seen among the various billboards in Cannes!

Cannes has become Europe's hub of the entertainment industry with the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Film Market, and other related events.

A billet announcing the screening of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles at the Grey One Theatre in Cannes!

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