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News » News Articles » From Disaster to Remaster, part 3
News ArticlesMarch 12, 2004
From Disaster to Remaster, part 3
Rebuilding Robotech from scratch ... well, almost!
Author: Tommy Yune

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In 2003, nearly two years after Robotech's debut on DVD, ADV Films was about to release the original Japanese versions of the Mospeada and Southern Cross series. Then suddenly, the series was mysteriously delayed without explanation. Months later, ADV surprised fans with the announcement that both series had been restored with new digital transfers from the original film stock! A complete remastering of the entire Robotech series was finally coming within reach! (for more details, read part 1 and part 2 of this story)

Laying the foundation:

With the restoration of the Japanese version of Macross and the recovery of Robotech's master audio tracks, many of the pieces had fallen into place for a complete remastering of Robotech: The Macross Saga. However, the underlying footage for the other two sagas of Robotech had not yet been digitally restored. Finally in a last-minute agreement, Harmony Gold had convinced ADV to invest in the digital restoration of Mospeada and Southern Cross, delaying the release of the two Japanese series, but making possible the eventual remastering of the entire Robotech series!

Working around the missing piece:

However, one significant element that was never recovered was the original EDL's (edit decision lists), the data required to edit the Japanese footage into the 85-episode Robotech series. Ahmed Agrama, the original executive producer of Robotech, decided to enlist Intersound, the original post-production studio involved in the creation of Robotech, to work around this missing piece. Instead of building Robotech Remastered to match the original broadcast edit, an extended version would be created from even more of the restored source material that was now available. No longer restricted by 1985 broadcast standards, the episodes ended up with additional footage, many with scenes never before seen in Robotech! New multiple opening sequences were also cut, with greater emphasis on each of the specific Robotech sagas.

Ah, the sweet sound of 5.1!

Building upon the Robotech Perfect Soundtrack, which had been remixed in stereo, the audio track of every Robotech Remastered episode would be remixed in digital surround sound. Carefully balanced against Robotech's familiar music track, enriched effects, ambience and rumble tracks were mixed into the glorious 5.1 surround track for an incredible home theater experience! As an added bonus to Latin American fans, a Spanish 5.1 audio track was created at Intersound S.A. de C.V.

Introducing the Extended Edition!

With all these additions, Robotech Remastered: Extended Edition has now become the definitive experience for anime and science fiction fans!

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Intersound is a high-tech post production facility located in the heart of Hollywood. One of Intersound's early projects decades ago was none other than Robotech!

Steve Yun and Tom Bateman try sneaking in the backdoor of the highly guarded complex ...
Steve and Tom debate over the details of the three Robotech sagas on an Avid Symphony digital editing system.

The THX sound room is the heart of the 5.1 digital surround remixing process.

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