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Formed in 1983, Harmony Gold is a leading production, acquisition and distribution company of quality international television programming, producing some of the most classic and history-making programs in the industry. Harmony Gold is a division of The Harmony Gold Companies, whose interests range from theatre management, real estate and finance to film and television production.

Steve Yun is the Webmaster of, in addition to a bunch of other things at Harmony Gold. You can send him Robotech-related fan mail, complaints, constructive criticism and suggestions.

Kevin McKeever brings years of experience in film and entertainment stage production to his role in production and marketing at Harmony Gold.

Tommy Yune is the Creative Director at Harmony Gold and oversees new Robotech production and development.

Thanks to the Legal Department at Harmony Gold, for their meticulous work and for keeping out of trouble.

Special Thanks
Special thanks go to the following for helping out with the launch of the website:

Bold New World for meeting Harmony Gold's particular requirements and their outstanding work in programming for the launch of this site.

Liza Broadhurst for consultation on and Edwin Chan for providing us with the domain name.

Vincent McHenry, Rob Morgenstern, Tim Scheib, Jonathan Switzer, and Dr. Peter Walker for consultation on Robotech fandom and providing information for the Infopedia.

Tom Bateman, Neil Baumgardner, Dr. Kenneth Olson, Jason W. Smith, Pieter Thomassen, Aubry Thonon, and Matt Willis for consultation on Robotech technical information.

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